5 Funds. 35+ Platforms. More
Than $3 Billion in Transaction Value.

IGP is investing out of its 5th fund - $800 million raised in 2016. We are seeking new platform investments as well as strategic add-ons for the IGP portfolio.



The leading North American manufacturer of jacketed electrical cables used in extreme operating environments, including underground and surface mining, offshore oil and gas and a variety of specialty industrial applications.

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Leading global manufacturer of heat exchangers for a diverse range of end markets including food & beverage, dairy, compressors, air separation, chemical processing and general industrial applications.

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Associated Chemists, Inc

A leading manufacturer of coatings, sealants and specialty chemicals for use in engineered wood products, pulp and paper and other industrial applications.

The global leader in weathering test equipment and services for the plastics & polymers, paints & coatings, commercial labs, automotive, textiles, building materials, pigments & stabilizers, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries, as well as a wide variety of other industries.

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Breeze Industrial Products Corp.

A leading manufacturer of stainless steel clamps and clamping devices used in the transportation, industrial, heavy equipment, marine, aerospace and military markets.

A leading global provider of bolt-on heating systems for piping, tanks, valves and instrumentation, as well as jacketed piping systems and full-service system engineering and design, field consulting and installation support for a broad range of critical industrial processes.

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Des-Case provides specialty filtration products and services for industrial lubricants that enhance equipment reliability and increase profitability.

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Electronic Packaging Products, Inc. (A Subsidiary of Airpax Holdings)

The leading manufacturer of hermetically-sealed metal and ceramic enclosures used to house electronic components in the fiber-optic, telecommunications, aerospace and defense markets.

FMH Aerospace is a leading designer and manufacturer of complex, highly-engineered components and assemblies for the commercial aerospace, defense, space and industrial markets.

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Global Power Systems, LLC

The leading provider of diesel engine maintenance, repair and overhaul services for companies operating in the offshore oil and gas industry in the Gulf of Mexico.

Grakon is a global leader in the design and development of advanced lighting systems and controls for premier OEM vehicle manufacturers.

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Group360, Inc.

A leading digital prepress company serving diversified markets including packaging, magazines, textbooks, catalogs, general corporate and advertising.

Ideal-Tridon is a leading global designer and manufacturer of engineered joining and fastening products for a broad range of industrial end markets.

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Leading independent manufacturer of backup power supply equipment, including LED drivers, fluorescent ballasts, inverters, battery chargers and power converters, for commercial, industrial, and institutional emergency lighting applications.

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Leading designer and manufacturer of industrial fluid and gas-handling solutions used in critical test, measurement and flow applications primarily in process-based industries.

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Power Protection Products, Inc. (A Subsidiary of Airpax Holdings)

The largest global manufacturer of hydraulic electromagnetic circuit breakers for industrial applications.

Redco is a leading provider of wellhead and pressure control equipment and related services for oil and gas applications.

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Houston-based SPL, is a leading provider of hydrocarbon measurement, analysis and reporting services for oil and gas production and transport companies.

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The leading manufacturer of highly-engineered leak test and measurement equipment designed to enhance manufacturing efficiency in the automotive, plastics, industrial and pharmaceutical end markets.

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Thermal Sensing Products, Inc. (A Subsidiary of Airpax Holdings)

A leading manufacturer of thermostats and thermistors used to protect business equipment, heavy machinery and industrial equipment from temperature fluctuations.

The world’s leading provider of highly engineered, function-critical plastic processing wear components and ancillary equipment.

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